Why Travel???

Why Travel?

Ever since I was born, there is only one place I kept going to, Bohol. Bohol is my mom’s birthplace and for that we need to visit my grandmother every year to spend our time with her. It’s the only travel experience I had in my childhood and I have never experienced travelling to another place in the Philippines just for the sake of travelling. And now I realized that I missed some pieces of my life because my parents didn’t introduce me to that word: Travel.

Travel, as a noun according to a dictionary, means the act of going from one place to another. And Travel, as a verb according to a dictionary, means undertake a journey or trip or it may mean make a trip for pleasure.
I have experienced “Travel” as a noun but never as a verb. Because anybody could travel as a noun, when you go out of your house and went to the market, to school, to the church, you travel. But not everybody could travel as a verb that is to go to different places, to go to tourist spots and vacation places, to beaches and to the mountains.

You see, these things make the difference. When you can’t afford to travel, then don’t. However, when the time comes that you can, when you have the extra income or it is under your budget, spend some time and money into travelling because it is not only for luxury but for you to experience what it is to live and enjoy life with nature, with the people you love, with meeting new acquaintances, with having to experience different lifestyle in different places. Philippine travels are such nice ideas and a good way of relaxation and in a way can help in our country’s tourism. We can help our country aside from enjoying our country’s vast natural resources and good vacation places. I’ve been into different countries before but I have never seen what my country, The Philippines, could offer. And so, I have tried to explore my country and promised myself that I will not waste my time and money to other things, instead spend it in visiting my country’s beautiful spots.Just take a peek into my pictures and you would know why.

Panggangan Fish Sanctuary - Calape, Bohol
Panggangan Fish Sanctuary – Calape, Bohol

Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills - Bohol
Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills – Bohol

Divine Mercy Shrine - El Salvador City
Divine Mercy Shrine – El Salvador City

Maxima Aquafun – Samal Island, Davao

Taal Volcano - Tagaytay
Taal Volcano – Tagaytay

Trese Marteres - Cavite
Trese Marteres – Cavite
You don’t need to go to the Bahamas to experience the white sand, or go to Japan to see Mount Fuji, or travel to Rome to show your devotion. Explore the beauty of nature here in our country, The Philippines. You don’t have to go too far just to experience life at its best.

I have joined “Let’s Go Sago! anniversary.” contest and this is my official entry.

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ABaKaDa – Da

Da – Daliri…

Yang mga daliri sa picture ay sa akin at sa aking anak…

Lalaki ang anak ko pero pag-nagpapa manicure ako, nakikisali din…

Hindi siya bakla, baka curious lang…

Dahil blue ang napili kong kulay, yun din pinalagay niya…

Oh, dba medyo natutupad din ang wish ko…

Na sana naging babae anak ko…


Matagal-tagal na din ako walang post para sa ABaKaDa ni Ruthi…

Pasensya na po na busy lang 🙂

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ABaKaDa – Ka

ang aking kapamilya…

ako ay nagmula sa angkan ng malaking pamilya,

sila ang aking maituturing na kayamanan…

at kahit gaano pa namin ka-rami ay natutunan naming maging malapit sa isa’t-isa,

at ituring na kapamilya ang lahat…

kapamilya uno

kapamilya dos

kapamilya tres

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ABaKaDa Sabado – Ba

Ba- Bagong Kasal

Bagong Kasal

Bagong Uwi galing sa labas ng Bansa ang aking pinsan na Bagong Kasal…

Bagay silang dalawa

Yan ang aking post para sa letrang Ba 🙂

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WAIG escapade

mga pinsan

sa dami ng camera, hindi alam kung saan titingin

kahit gabi na pose pa rin ng pose...

one last shot

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tsokolate at rosas

tapos na ang balentayns, pero buwan pa rin ng mga puso…
itong mga tsokolate at rosas ay natanggap ko nung Pebrero 13,2010…
aba, may naka-alala na balentayns, na buwan ng mga puso, na buwan ng mga bulaklak at tsokolate…
kahit pala single eh nakakatanggap ng mga ganitong regalo kung balentayns…
may naniniwala pa rin pala na ang pagbibigay ng ganitong mga bagay ay isang paraan upang malaman ni babae na may gusto si lalaki…
salamat sa mga tsokolate at rosas…

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kung bakit hindi ako nakapag-post

@ trans asia 3 bound for Cebu

@ Waterfront

Fellowship Night

gimik ktv bar

@ bo's

last shot in Cebu

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