Why Travel???

Why Travel?

Ever since I was born, there is only one place I kept going to, Bohol. Bohol is my mom’s birthplace and for that we need to visit my grandmother every year to spend our time with her. It’s the only travel experience I had in my childhood and I have never experienced travelling to another place in the Philippines just for the sake of travelling. And now I realized that I missed some pieces of my life because my parents didn’t introduce me to that word: Travel.

Travel, as a noun according to a dictionary, means the act of going from one place to another. And Travel, as a verb according to a dictionary, means undertake a journey or trip or it may mean make a trip for pleasure.
I have experienced “Travel” as a noun but never as a verb. Because anybody could travel as a noun, when you go out of your house and went to the market, to school, to the church, you travel. But not everybody could travel as a verb that is to go to different places, to go to tourist spots and vacation places, to beaches and to the mountains.

You see, these things make the difference. When you can’t afford to travel, then don’t. However, when the time comes that you can, when you have the extra income or it is under your budget, spend some time and money into travelling because it is not only for luxury but for you to experience what it is to live and enjoy life with nature, with the people you love, with meeting new acquaintances, with having to experience different lifestyle in different places. Philippine travels are such nice ideas and a good way of relaxation and in a way can help in our country’s tourism. We can help our country aside from enjoying our country’s vast natural resources and good vacation places. I’ve been into different countries before but I have never seen what my country, The Philippines, could offer. And so, I have tried to explore my country and promised myself that I will not waste my time and money to other things, instead spend it in visiting my country’s beautiful spots.Just take a peek into my pictures and you would know why.

Panggangan Fish Sanctuary - Calape, Bohol
Panggangan Fish Sanctuary – Calape, Bohol

Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills - Bohol
Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills – Bohol

Divine Mercy Shrine - El Salvador City
Divine Mercy Shrine – El Salvador City

Maxima Aquafun – Samal Island, Davao

Taal Volcano - Tagaytay
Taal Volcano – Tagaytay

Trese Marteres - Cavite
Trese Marteres – Cavite
You don’t need to go to the Bahamas to experience the white sand, or go to Japan to see Mount Fuji, or travel to Rome to show your devotion. Explore the beauty of nature here in our country, The Philippines. You don’t have to go too far just to experience life at its best.

I have joined “Let’s Go Sago! anniversary.” contest and this is my official entry.

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APPLE IPAD has become one of the most hottest gadgets this time of the year, who doesn’t want to own one?

John Chow dot Com is holding a contest to give away a brand new Apple iPad. To enter, all you have to do is blog and tweet about it. The contest is being sponsored by Urban Data, a website that gives you advanced information about any website on the Internet.

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Yugatech’s Giveaway Round 2

if you want to have that MSI Wind U123H, then all you need to do is to have your photo taken on the most crowded place while holding the sign “Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter!”

To win, you must have the most creative, the most difficult and the most crowded photos. 5 finalist will be chosen and the winner will be decided by 5 panel of judges.

There will be a total of 55 winners, 54 for the consolation prize and one (1) lucky winner for the MSI Wind U123H.

For more details about the contest, you can visit http://www.yugatech.com/blog

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pera ‘ika mo? paghirapan mo!

BIG Blogversary Contest

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Sa panahon ngayon, Mahirap Mabuhay.
Mahirap maghanap-buhay.
Mahirap maghanap ng trabaho.
Kaya kung may pagkakataon na magkaroon ng pera sa mga mumunting bagay na pwede mong gawin,
aba wag mo nang tanggihan ang grasya.
Hali ka na, Ano pa hinihintay mo?
Sali na…
Madali lang, i-blog yung kontest, yun na yun.. hindi may iba pa palang kailangan gawin, kaya punta ka na sa link…
paalala:kung sasali ka, pakisabi naman oh, na sa kin mo nalaman… salamat
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Real Leaf for Motocross Riders

After the GAME

The final Gulp!

Okay, before January officially ends, I need to post these photos of Real leaf with my brother’s best buddy.

He is a motocross rider and his fave drink right now is real leaf.

That’s why I caught him drinking his Real leaf after the game.

I think we all know why he is drinking a bottle of Real leaf Green Tea. That’s because motocross riding is not an easy game,it’s very risky,exhilarating  and a very scary one too. Real leaf not only quenches their thirst (i guess) but also makes them fulfilled and satisfied 🙂

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I won!

Last year, I joined Apple’s DTL christmas giveaway.

And guess what, I won Willie’s Chocolate Factory cookbook. Now I will need to learn how to cook.

my prize

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Motocross Riders caught drinking Real Leaf

Real Leaf poses with the helmets

My brother is a motocross-addict. And guess what,because of his addiction we were able to catch riders drinking Real Leaf after the game.

Real Leaf after the Game

This is a nice guy. Because we asked him if he could pose before he drinks his Real Leaf Green Tea.

Real Leaf is a great drink after a Game

“Drinking Real Leaf Green Tea after a game makes me feel great and it quenches my thirst”-Solomon

Solomon drinks Real Leaf Green Tea

Its good to know that people have taste when it comes to Green Teas.

That’s all for now from your friendly Real Leaf- paparazzi 🙂

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I love Real Leaf Green Tea too

caught drinking Real Leaf

While I am net-surfing, facebooking,plurking,tweetering and blog-hopping, I drink Real Leaf Green Tea to quench my thirst 🙂

Yeah,my brothers caught me drinking Real Leaf,so they took my pic without my permission.

But the outcome was way to cool to not post it,I might win the contest. hahaha

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Real Leaf,Real Smile

sad face

Jb shows a sad face because my brother is making fun of him. He wants his Real Leaf Green Tea because he is thirsty. And guess what happens after giving him what he wants :

all smiles

See what Real Leaf can do with Jb’s day to day life?

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Jb loves Real Leaf Green Tea

Real Leaf

My son loves Real Leaf  Green Tea. He drinks it almost everyday, after playing with his toys or just running around the house.


JB and Real Leaf Green Tea

He simply loves Real Leaf Green Tea.

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